Hello! Glad you want to know more about me! My name is Carlos Vasquez and I'm the owner and founder of THE TRUTH MERCHANDISE INC./ LA MARCHANDISE DE VERITÉ INC. 
I'm from Cartagena, Colombia but my parents took a step of faith back in 2008 and decided to move to Quebec, Canada when I was 9 years old where we've been living for the past 14 years with my family. It was not an easy decision but when God calls, we have to put our pride, preferences and plans aside to answer.
Fast forward 14 years, after living a worldly and ungodly lifestyle for the past 5 years or so, I hit rock bottom. I didn't know what I was doing, where I was going or who I was meant to be. After a long night of partying on Saturday night I decided to go church the next day since this would be the "least" I could do. that Sunday November the 8 of 2020, changed my life forever. God directly spoke to me and said "It is time to come back".
Since that day, my life was never the same
All that I needed was one touch from God and all my sins were washed away, one touch and all my shame was gone, one touch and I knew who I truly was and who i was meant to be on this earth.
An imitator of Christ.